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Group docs viewer failed to load document return error


I am trying to use group docs viewer…in ASP.NET MVC…but I am
getting an error…There is no configuration specified for
Groupdocs.Web.UI.IRootPathFinder…How do I solve this issue

Error details
There is no configuration specified for Groupdocs.Web.UI.IRootPathFinder

1.) new GroupdocsViewerController(Default of IRootPathFinder)
2.) Groupdocs.Web.UI.Controllers.GroupdocsViewerController
3.) Instance of Groupdocs.Web.UI.Controllers.GroupdocsViewerController
4.) Container.GetInstance(Groupdocs.Web.UI.Controllers.GroupdocsViewerController)

Hello Dave,

We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. Unfortunately from your request is not clear what exactly you doing. Please share with us code example and screenshot.

Also please investigate this article for how to us GroupDocs.Viewer in the MVC project.

Best regards.


I have create html page in solution.
This page loads a document in Group viewer component.
The page is in Iframe

we had to use iframe in order to isolate javascript files. There are lots of conflicts between your javascript files and our javascript files. So the possible solution was to use Iframe element.
The problem is the group viewer does not show the document this is in IE10. It shows in other browsers but unfortunately business require the document be displayed in IE9 and IE10.


Hello David,

Thank you for the info. First of all add such code line in to the head section of web page with iframe and web page which you shows in the iframe:

If this will not help you - please share with us example project that we can check and fix it for you.

Thank you.


Hi Pavel,
Thank you for your assistance and especially your immediate reply.
I managed to sort out the issue. I just had to force height, width and overriden properties of the DIV to make it work.



Hello David,

Glad to hear that you was able to resolve the issue.

Best regards.