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GroupDoc Memo Error



I’m trying to run a GroupDocs demo project but getting an error (please see attached file). Do you know how can I fix this error.




We are sorry to hear that you have such error. Could you please share with us - do you have made any changes to the sample code (for example document name for view). Also we need such info:
1. Which sample you run?
2. Which software you use - .NET version, what you use to run the sample IIS or Visual Studio

Best regards.


Thanks for your response

I run the sample for .NET version in visual studio 2012 and demo project is GroupDocsViewerWebformsDemo

I downloaded GroupDocs trial dll and reference it intoto the demo project but still got the error. I did not change any code in the demo projects

What do I need to do to run the demo project?




Thank you for coming back. Please try to use this version of the library which contains important fix.

Best regards.