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GroupDoc Viewer for .NET Developer OEM problem


It is known from the customer ( that they meet a problem while using GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET.The problem is this :We are using the document viewer to browse the PDF documents. Mostly it works well. Recently we found it seems it doesn’t support the documents with encoding as ‘GBK’. Please find the problematic screen that captured in document viewer.

How to handle such encoding document. Please support us. Thanks.



Thank you for the request. Could you please share with me example of such GBK document and the screenshot of the error because I can’t see any issues in your screenshot posted above.

Thank you.



The attachment is the screenshoot,please have a look. Thank you very much!



Thank you for the screenshots. Unfortunately you have missed to attache the GBK example file, with out it I can’t reproduce the issue and log it to our tracking system.

Best regards.



Sorry, the attachment is my GBK example file.Please have a look, thank you very much!


Hi again,

Thank you for the example. Yes, I was able to reproduce the issue. I have created an issue ticket for our Product team - I will notify you when I will get any news from them.

Sorry for the inconvenience.



Could you give me a time for solving this problem? Thank you very much!



Thank you for asking. Currently we work on release of the next generations of the Viewer library. This version has been completely redesigned and built from scratch. In order to optimize and improve product performance. As well as make it easier to use for our customers. Also the current library will not be released any more. Since that we strongly recommend you to wait for the new library and if possible migrate on it.

I will notify you when it will be available.

Best regards.

As the consumer for document viewer, should we know the tentative timeline of new release and possible impacts for us due to new library release?



Thank you for the question. We have already released the next generation library, you can find the library and the examples with the documentation here.

If you will need any help or you will have any issues please make a new forum request and mark it with 3.0 version in the subject.

Thank you.