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Groupdoc viewer not working

Hello ,
I am using trail version from group doc viewer the case is that the viewer is loading but the
pdf document not display ,it show only loading your content and then do nothing.

so what is the problem
i am using asp .net 4


Thanks for taking interest in GroupDocs.Viewer. Would you please share with us the name of the document viewer application that you are evaluating? Furthermore, please share with us the problematic PDF document. We shall be looking forward to your response.


i am trying to integrate group-docs viewer in our ERP application , I get trail and setup up in our web site as viewer demo but when try to call viewer asp page we get that
1- viewer is loading but with massage ‘Loading your content’ with out showing the document for long time…
here the link you can see the problem your self.


Thanks for sharing the details.

We noticed that you are evaluating an older version of GroupDocs.Viewer which is obsolete and not supported anymore. Please note that we have released our next generation GroupDocs.Viewer API (starting from version 3.0.0) which is totally different from the older versions. The UI has been disintegrated from the API and it has now become a back-end, UI less API that allows you to render the document in the form that can be easily displayable in your front-end applications. Currently, the API provides Html based rendering and image-based rendering of the supported document formats. Furthermore, it also allows you to render the document as PDF document.

  • Html based rendering: In Html based rendering, the API generates the Html representation of each page of the source document. You can easily manipulate the Html content of each page and save it as an Html file. For details, please visit Rendering Documents as HTML.
  • Image-based rendering: In image-based rendering, the API converts each page of the document into an image (PNG, JPG, BMP). You can easily save the image to your desired location and display it in your application to view the content of the document. For details, please visit Rendering Documents as Image.

We have also developed open source document viewer applications (listed below) using the next generation GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET API. We recommend you to try them.