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GroupDoc.Viewer PDF page rendering issue


We are using a licensed version and facing issue in GroupDocs.Viewer in rendering pages of pdf file which has more than 100 pages .When rendering pdf file which has 60 to 70 pages than it is working fine.But,we have some pdf which has more than 200 or 500 pages.Then groupdocs.viewer is not able to render any page.

We had made our project refering the link In our scenario we are placing the default. aspx,GetResourceHTML.aspx,GetFile.aspx,GetDocumentPageImage.aspx within a folder named as Intake .
In This scenario,while we run the project the groupdocs viewer is not able to render the page.Because,It is taking wrong url.It should take ‘localhost:85/Intake/GetResourceHtml.aspx’ to render pdf page,but it is refering ‘localhost:85/GetResourceHtml.aspx’ because of which it is not able to render pdf pages.Do assist us who to solve this url issue.Waiting for you reply.
Thank You


Thanks for using GroupDocs.Viewer and sharing your concerns with us.

Would you please share with us the sample PDF document for which you are facing the issue? Furthermore, please also share the version of GroupDocs.Viewer you are using.

I am afraid that we have stopped the support & maintenance for old front ends including ASP.NET_WebForm_Front_End. Therefore, we encourage you to explore our latest Document Viewer Front-End Apps MVC Modern UI and WebForms Modern UI. Also, the support & maintenance only for these apps will be available and continued. We appreciate your cooperation in this regards.