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GroupDocs Annotation API integration for JAVA Spring application

Dear All,

I want to use groupdocs annotator into my own Spring’s application. is there any sample code or please suggest me how can I integrate groupdocs annotator into my Spring Web application?

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Please note that GroupDocs.Annotation for Java is a UI-Agnostic/back-end API that could be integrated in a Java application without any third party tool or software dependency. You may find following resources helpful:

However, the above mentioned Spring application uses an older version of the API (19.x). We’ve logged a request here to upgrade the application to the latest API release.
We’d encourage you to explore API documentation and the console application (it uses latest API version) in order to get an insight how API works.


As per developer guide we can add annotation on document at the time of application starts.
That will be hard coded annotation. But if I want to implement as per given video demo into my web application then how will I implement this?

Into Showcase project, Angular is in built format. I am unable to understand how these annotation have been implemented?


You can use any JS framework (it’s not limited to Angular) to interact with the back-end API. I’m afraid but at the moment, we only have this Spring application. We would plan to develop another UI application but couldn’t share any ETA for now.

Dear Atir,

can you share the URL link to download GroupDocs annotation version 20.2 implementation example using Java Spring?

Into pom.xml dependency will be like this:



This request is still under process. Please have a look here.