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GroupDocs Annotation Currently DOWN

We are configured to use Azure for storage and our user base of 8000 users is currently down because GroupDocs thinks we’ve hit our storage limit. This is the fifth time this has happened and each time I was told that this will be fixed. Our dashboard says we’re using 100% of 103GB of storage, but we should be using 0% of storage because we use Azure. Please fix this ASAP. The entire user base is at a standstill.

Hi @SiteTraker_Admin Thank you for your request. We have checked your account and found out that you uses the option to synchronize both content and metadata as shown on this screenshot . When you use Azure storage or any other supported 3rd party storage provider the GroupDocs storage is also used for storing all viewed documents as well. That’s why your storage limits can be hit.

Please try to uncheck these options and clean your storage from old files.

Best regards.