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GroupDocs.Annotation does not work with PDF/A compliance file

While working with GroupDocs.Annotation API, I noticed that it does not work with PDF/A compliance files.

You can test the API with any PDF file by inserting watermark, link, other components.


Please share following details:

  • Sample code
  • API variant (Java or .NET) and version
  • Problematic file

You can add any annotation like watermark, link etc. to reproduce this issue.

e.g. https://gist.github.com/groupdocs-com-kb/f5b515d1ea496713e465c1dc650b2a1e#file-how-to-add-watermark-annotation-to-pdf-using-c-cs


You can use any PDF file with with PDF/A compliance


Please take a look at these files.zip (516.3 KB). The example.pdf is a PDF/A compliance file and using this code, I cannot reproduce the issue.


Please use .NET 6.0 to reproduce this issue.

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