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Groupdocs annotation example in jQuery (watermark and text field is not working)

thanks a lot, it works fine for me,

just needed to add another thing here

(watermark and textField) is not working

I am getting the following error for the same

colorPicker.bcPicker is not a function

below is the link for the same

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@Niteen_Jadhav could you please record a video about errors when adding watermark and textField annotations

PFA video example below,

@Niteen_Jadhav thank you, will have a look


Any updates?

@Niteen_Jadhav We’ll try to have a look this or next week

ok, thanks for the update.


Do you have any updates?

@Niteen_Jadhav Hello, not yet

We’ve fixed console errors,ANNOTATIONNET-2117-fix.zip (7.4 KB)
attached latest changes. But bсPicker does not work looks like problem with it. It’s not regarding out product and we don’t know how to fix it, looks like it’s incorrectly used