Groupdocs annotation example in jQuery


To fix this issue please update textHighlight to text in the AnnotatorFactory.cs file in the switch statement.

The other three issues are under investigation.

thank you for your timely response, ok we will change the above as suggested by you and we are hoping the remaining bugs can be resolved too.


Sure, we’ll keep you updated!


Can you please attach the application you have at the moment since I can’t reproduce the second, third, and fourth issues?

Already shared on the above comment.



Can you please share the code with the enabled Polyline annotation, since when I’m running the code provided in your comment it is missing from the controls panel see polyline-is-missing.png (135.2 KB)

Hello pfa link for the updated project below


Thank you for adding the lint to your project. We’ll take a look and update you.

Hello vladimir,

Is there any updates?


Let me check with the team.


For: textHighlight, textSquiggly, textUndeline, textStrikeout - can be drawn in the empty space of the document, and are not linked to the text we’ll fix it further (issue ID is ANNOTATIONNET-2074).

Distance: fixed click endpoint, multiple Distance annotation
Arrow: fixed click endpoint
Polyline: fixed click endpoint, starting position

To apply this change replace attached js file on following path

Groupdocs annotation 20.8\Resources\annotation\js

on your solution.drawSvgAnnotation.7z (5.3 KB)


I tried the new code and it is working fine,

but then I tried to open a saved annotation from $.initialize method in annotation.js.
In the above method we are calling a function called importAnnotation with the parameter named annotationData.

here the polyline annotations are not working properly after fetching the saved annotationData

annotationsToAdd data.png (100.8 KB)
the above image shows the data of annotation captured, the data is stored in a parameter in $.initialize method of annotation.js

annotationsToAdd data used.png (118.4 KB)

in the above screenshot you can see the captured data stored in a parameter named as cData which will be used in importAnnotation method.

RV-21-105 after annotation.pdf (197.2 KB)
Original pdf.pdf (3.0 KB)

you can find 2 pdf’s above,

in RV-21-105 after annotation.pdf you can see that the annotation data has been captured and saved properly in a pdf (the same data has been captured and stored in a parameter).

in Original pdf.pdf is the original file before any annotations

sharing you the updated project Link

please have a look and let me know if i can do anything else

@Niteen_Jadhav we’ll have a look an notify you once will have any update


Is there any updates?

@Niteen_Jadhav we’ll take a look next week, for now we have no updates

Hello Any updates?


I’m sorry for the delayed response. This issue is currently in progress, part of the issues are already fixed. We’ll update you as soon as all the issues are fixed.

thank you, hoping it will resolve as early as possible


You’re welcome! We’ll keep you updated.

We’ve fdrawSvgAnnotation (1).7z (5.3 KB)
ixed incorrect data import polyline annotation from document.
You can see the change in this file Groupdocs annotation 20.8\Resources\annotation\js\drawSvgAnnotation.js