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Groupdocs annotation example in jQuery

Hello all,

I have a licensed version of groupdocs(total product family), and the license is valid till 20.8 version, so I updated all the groupdocs product to 20.8, but the problem is the examples which I get from the browser had angular in front-end and we use jQuery in front end, so it become impossible to update to 20.8 version,

It will be great if I get any example of groupdocs(viewer, signature, annotation) of jQuery in 20.8 version.


Could you please share the link of UI application that you are evaluating?

Please find the link of my UI application below


And we also removed polyline because it was not working.


Please note that the GroupDocs APIs are UI-Agnostic.

Which example project you are talking about?
Since APIs are UI-Independent, you can develop your own custom UI using jQuery or any JS framework.

I shared a link of my app with you can you please check that link, it will be a great help if you give a solution on that

the annotations are not working properly on the above solution the link for which I already shared, which I am sharing again,


please have a look on the above link


Please share a short video as well. Explaining the steps to reproduce the annotation issue.


Shared a link of video of annotations please have a look


Thanks for sharing the details. We reproduced this issue at our end using the provided application. Therefore, we’ve logged this behavior in our internal issue tracking system with ticket ID ANNOTATIONNET-2052. You’ll be notified in case of any update.

Hi team,
Thanks for the update, any further updates on this and how long it will take?
Awaiting for your kind response.


This ticket is still under investigation. However, we’ll notify you in case of any progress update.


To fix the issue that is demonstrated in the video try replacing drawSvgAnnotation.js with this one drawSvgAnnotation.zip (5.6 KB). In the updated version of this file, I’ve added the condition to make sure only one arrow can be drawn at once.

Please let us know if it works as expected.

Hi Team thanks for your quick support, please find attached video link for your reference,

Link of video

please note there are multiple points mentioned below

  1. Smart highlighter: Type of smart highlighter is considered as “text” but in “AnnotatorFactory.cs” class there is no “case” in switch case for “text” annotator, We can change the “textHighlight” case into “text” case but we are unaware of the consequences of the above change.

  2. Polyline: please watch the video to identify the pointer of my mouse when I click and start point of polyline, both are different and we are unable to click for the endpoint of polyline, and we pass the following static path to save all the annotation(“D:\Ibrahim\Groupdocs annotation 20.8\temp\”) but it is still showing C drive location and its not storing annotations as we don’t have read/write access of the particular drive.

  3. Arrow: as you can see in the video, We are unable to click endpoint of the arrow.

  4. Distance: as you can see in the video, We are unable to click endpoint of the distance but new start point of the distance get executed hence we see multiple Distance attached with each other.


You’re welcome! We’ll take a look and update you.

Please also consider updating to the latest version of GroupDocs.Annotation and checking our demo projects that are based on Angular components and to which we provide support.

You can also check our free online application that is using the same Angular components.

Hi vladimir litvinchik,

Thanks for your reply, we would love to update groupdocs to the latest version, but I needed the demos in jQuery, and we are using whole family of groupdocs i.e(Viewer, annotation, signature), it will be better if we get all the above demos in jQuery.


Got it, we’ll let you know when we have any new information.

@vladimir.litvinchik any updates?


At the moment we do not have any new updates for his issue. As soon as we have any new information we’ll let you know.

Hello Team,

Hope you all are doing well

this issue is affecting our deliverability of product, just want to know when can I expect any update from your team?