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Groupdocs annotation in sharepoint 2013

how can i integrate groupdocs annotation in sharepoint 2013?
i read your blog about it which is:



Thank you for your interest in GroupDocs. Please follow this instraction or use our plugin.

Best regards.

We would like to integrate GroupDocs to SharePoint Visual Web Part for farm solution. Can you please share link/resource for the same?

Scenario: We have developed Visual Web Part that allow to upload document and once the document is get uploaded successfully it shows listing of the same.

Requirement: Wheever user clicks on the links of the document listed on the web part it shoud open the document in groupdoc viewer when user can perform

Annotation operation.

Glims of our application: This is information exchange system developing over the SharePoint. The Application will be used by ~10 thousand user.

We come across this tool and see that this tool has capability to achieve our requirement but we can’t find any technial resources that give us guidence to

implement in SharePoint. Please confirm if our requirement can be achived using GroupDocs?

Please do not provide reference of below links that we have already tried but that doesn’t match with our requirement.


Thank you for coming back. Unfortunately we doesn’t have another solution. The only solution I can advice you in such case is to wait for the new GroupDocs.Annotation library release and create you own plug-in for the SharePoint.

Please stay tuned with our newsletters for when it will be available.

Best regards.

Hi ,

Thanks for the prompt reply. Is there any chance to have call and discuss the issue in detail? It might happen that after our discussion we might come up with new solution.


Hi Vishal,

In such case please contact our sales team

Best regards.