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GroupDocs.Annotation: supported formats?



where can I find a full list of file formats supported in GroupDocs.Annotation for Java?



Hello Mariusz,

The list of all supported formats is available on the GroupDocs.Annotation for Java library features page.


Hmm, but it says that Microsoft Project files are supported, but I cannot see aspose-tasks on the dependency list:



Do you have some file that is problematic to open with the GroupDocs.Annotation for Java? Please, attach it to the forum post, so we can examine it.

P.S. I’ve just opened the .mpp file I have and it looks good.


I don’t have a sample file, but I have problem with finding all the required dependencies. You guide me to that mentioned URL which doesn’t contains aspose-tasks dependency which means that mpp files will not work. So it looks like more question of required dependencies?

We are sorry, we missed that one. I’ve already reported it to the repository administrator, he will update it.

For now, please, download it from the Aspose website (

To install it into your local Maven repository you can use next command:
mvn install:install-file -Dpackaging=jar -Dversion=6.8.0 -DgroupId=com.aspose -DartifactId=aspose-tasks -Dfile=aspose.tasks-6.8.0.jar