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GroupDocs Annotation WebForm Save Button İs Not Working


I downloaded the groupdocs annotation application at the address and ran it.

I upload the file and add annotation on it and press the save button.

When I look at the code, I expect another file with the _tmp extension to be created, but it does not.

Can you check?
picture1.png (57.0 KB)
picture2.png (10.7 KB)


We are investigating this scenario. Your investigation ticket ID is ANNOTATIONNET-2013.

Where can I see what the result is and when it will be resolved with this ID number?


  1. Upload the source file for annotation
  2. Add annotations - adding annotation.png (14.0 KB)
  3. Save annotation - saving annotation.png (15.4 KB)
  4. Once you save the annotations, the actual source file will be updated - updated source file.png (5.4 KB)
  5. You can open the updated file manually or using annotation application

That is how annotations are added, saved and viewed. So, basically source file is updated and you can see the annotations that were added using the web app.

Please note that all free support tickets are served on first come first serve basis. However, you’ll be notified as there’s any update.


It works the way you described. However, when I debug, it throws an error when trying to create an image_tmp file in the save phase in the annotate endpoint as in picture1 and try to save it. In other words, the editing annotations are edited in the form of open a new file in the form of image_tmp.docx and save it, but it saves on the same file. The operation is done differently. I did not understand what was being done.picture1.png (38.8 KB)
picture2.png (140.2 KB)


We cannot reproduce this issue at our end. Please take a look at this screenshot.png (39.7 KB).

Can you post the full version of the temppath in debug?


Please take a look at this screencast.

I am realizing the scenario in the video you sent. However, instead of creating the _tmp file and deleting it, if we create a new document for each annotation like this _tmp file, wouldn’t it be a more logical use if the original file remained in its original form? While using your old version, we were saving the annotations to the db, the first document remained stable. As Annotation was added, we were recording to the database. We had revised documents. Why did you change this usage?

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We are investigating this scenario. Your investigation ticket ID is ANNOTATIONNET-2013. We’ll notify you in case of any update.

Hi, what is the latest status?


This ticket is still under investigation. If everything goes as expected, issue will be fixed in API version 22.6. As there’s any further progress or ETA of fix, we’ll notify you.