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GroupDocs application flow



I am unable to understand how the application flow is when I use group docs embedded viewer.
To me it seems like , the documents will always have to me uploaded into groupdocs and accessed later based on the guid.
But I have my documents placed somewhere else (legacy system) and I would expect to view those using the group docs viewer. Is it not achievable without uploading the documents ?

Hello Manu,

Thank you for interest in the GroupDocs. If you are interested in the GroupDocs.Viewer for Java stand-alone library ( then there is no need to upload documents to some GroupDocs servers. The library can be easily configured to load files from the local file system or any other source be it local or remote (please see the documentation - I suggest you additionally to explore the provided examples ( to better understand the library work-flow.


Hi Thanks for the response.

But ,┬▒+Custom+Input+DataSource
The viewhandler initialization constructor in this code takes the inputdatahandler . But with 2.8.0 version of the groupdocs-viewer jar file, the constructor does not take this parameter.
How do I set the custom input data source handler ?


Its not that the constructor is not present, but when I pass the inputdatahandler to the ViewerHandler , I get the below compilation error in eclipse.

The type com.groupdocs.viewer.handlers.a.a cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files


I reverted back to group docs viewer 2.5.0 version.

But here if I have to go by the CustomInputDataSource example given in the below link,
then the class file GroupDocsFileDescriptor itself is not present in the jar file and my code does not compile.
Like I said I am not able to use 2.8.0 because of the compilation error that I get mentioned in the above post.

Hello Manu,

Sorry to see you have this problem. I suggest you to start with the provided samples (, for example with the Spring one. There in the src/main/java/com/groupdocs/ on line 46 and below you can find different options of the ViewerHandler instance initialization. You can change the default initialization to this one
viewerHandler = new ViewerHandler(config, new CustomInputDataHandler(config));

The constructor in this implementation of the InputDataHandler is not necessary it is just a sample of the implementation. You can modify it in the way you need it.

Try to start simply with the provided Spring sample and the GroupDocs.Viewer v2.8.0 for Java library with only configuration modification (i.e. basePath) to see how the application works. Then you can modify the InputDataHandler implementation up to your needs.