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Groupdocs cloud server is down


We’ve experience a number of short downtimes during the last few days which have been causing severe business disruption - each downtime lasting between 10-15 minutes but returning on its own before we were able to contact support.

The server has just gone down again, this time lasting 25 minutes before coming back up again. Due to the risk of losing uploaded files during these downtimes we are having to shut down our systems entirely each time which is causing a lot of disruption to our daily activities.

The recent downtimes we have recorded are:

20th May - 21:20 - 21:35
21st May - 12:10 - 12:25
23rd May - 10:50 - 11:05
23rd May - 14:00 - 14:15
24th May - 11:15 - 11:40

Please advise if there are any known issues with our current platform, or if any more outages are expected during working hours

Kind regards


We are truly sorry for the inconvenience. No, there are no such known issues about GroupDocs Cloud server. However, we will investigate the issue and let you know. We will appreciate it if you please confirm which API you are using and share some more details about the issue e.g. error screenshot. It will help us to investigate and address the issue.


Hi Tilal

We are running the PHP API linked through to a dedicated server at Groupdocs end, there isn’t a specific error message given during the outages just a 503/page unavailable error for both the viewer and direct download of a file

image.png (8.0 KB)

I don’t have our account number to hand currently, but I believe we are under the username / TheDisputeService

Kind regards

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Thanks for your feedback. We have doubled checked with our server team and sorry to inform you that our GroupDocs Apps EU server( had some connectivity issues last few days because a short-term failure of the entire network in Datacenterpark Falkenstein due to the power failure. The cause of the failure was a strong voltage reduction in the local power grid. However, power supply was restored shortly after the incident. Now server is working as expected.

We are truly sorry for your inconvenience.