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GroupDocs.Comparision for .Net

Hi Team,

When I’m comparing excel file the result document is getting any data. Blank document get’s created with summary page.

But when I’m doing same comparing with cloud API it’s working. anything I’m missing here.

image.png (7.1 KB)


Please share following details and we’ll look into this issue:

  • API version that you are using (e.g. 22.6, 22.7)
  • Source and target files
  • Comparison code


I’m using below code for comparison and Nuget lib version is,

using (GroupDocs.Comparison.Comparer comparer = new GroupDocs.Comparison.Comparer(“C://Reports//Disclosure_Capital_management_Target.xlsx”))

                //var changes = comparer.GetChanges();

                //comparer.ApplyChanges("C://Reports//ResultDoc.xlsx", new GroupDocs.Comparison.Options.ApplyChangeOptions {Changes= changes });

                //var sourceChanges = sourceDoc.Changes;
                //var targetChanges = targetDoc.Select(x => x.Changes);

Disclosure_Capital_management_Source.zip (34.3 KB)

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We cannot reproduce this issue at our end. Please take a look at this output - Finalresult.zip (9.8 KB). It seems that you are evaluating the API without a license. There are some evaluation limitations.
Please request a temporary license, follow steps to get the license.

@Atir_Tahir : Can we have track changes in excel comparison similar to word document where in we can accept or reject the changes


Please take a look at this accept and reject detected changes. It works for Excel comparison.

@Atir_Tahir : We are looking for similar feature in excel as we get in Word Document wherein we get all the changes and then manually we can accept or reject the changes.

Accept and reject detected changes feature works for Spreadsheets comparison as well. Please try it for your files and if there’s any issue, please share the sample application along-with source, target and expected output files.

@Atir_Tahir : I’m expecting this kind of feature in Excel Document wherein user can accept or reject changes manually. Do we have any sample to do this?result.docx (11.6 KB)


We already shared this documentation link. Moreover, you can download and explore this application.
Also, it’s been noticed that you are evaluating the API without a license. Please take a look at the trial limitations. However, you can request a temporary license.