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GroupDocs.Comparison licencs validation stops working when updating Aspose libraries

Updating GroupDocs.Comparison from version 20.1 to 20.6, the license still works, but when updating the Aspose libraries(Cells, Email, PDF, Slides, Tasks, Word) to 20.6 the GroupDocs.Comparison licence stops working.

Our setup:

The activation of the license is done in a Global.asax class during application startup for the main application.

The GroupDocs.Comparison and Aspose dependencies are in a .NET standard 2.0 project, referred later as dfs .

The activation of the license could be described as:

Global.asax calls a license activation method in a project containing general business logic. Project calls a method in project dfs. The dfs-method activates the licenses for the GroupDocs.Comparison and Aspose dependencies.

Main Application => Business logic project => dfs => activate groupdocs.comparison; activate Aspose

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We have reproduced this scenario and created an investigation ticket with ID COMPARISONNET-2414. We’ll now further look into this issue and let you know about the outcomes.

Hi are there any updates on this issue? Do you have an estimated resolution time?

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ID for internal reference #16783


Please follow the given steps in order to get rid of this issue:

  1. Disable Auto-generate binding redirects in project settings dialog or manually in csproj file set following parameter to false:

  2. If step 1 doesn’t work, disable assemblyBinding section in app.config

We cannot reproduce this issue using these steps. However, if you still face issue, please prepare a sample application and share that with us (don’t send DLL files, it’ll increase the project size. You can simply enable restore NuGet packages).

Note: The license file “Aspose.Total.lic” that you shared in the private message is expired for Aspose APIs released after <SubscriptionExpiry>20200228</SubscriptionExpiry>. However, GroupDocs.Comparison.lic works fine for GroupDocs APIs.