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Groupdocs.Conversion or Groupdocs.Viewer

Hi There,

           We recently got evaluation license for “GroupDocs.Viewer”.

Today, we discovered “GroupDocs.Conversion”.

Our usecase : We have documents (office, pdf, mp4, etc) and images stored in our system. These documents and images need to be displayed to the user in our web application in a quick view window so that the user can quickly view and then download the full document/image.

Current Logic : We are converting the document(office, image) to pdf format and then stream the .pdf file to the window in browser. Please see our conversion logic below.

try (Viewer viewer = new Viewer(documentInputStream) ) {
Path outputPdfFilePath = getOutputFilePath();
PdfViewOptions viewOptions = new
// copy to the browser’s response stream


Question : Even though we initially chose “groupdocs Viewer”, we’re now asking you if “groupdocs Conversion” is a better tool for converting to pdf ?

Thank you.


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The major difference is GroupDocs.Conversion supports a lot of output file formats (e.g. convert any supported file format to Presentation, Spreadsheet, Word Processing, eBook). However, you can choose one based on Conversion results. For example, try to convert the source file to PDF using both APIs, and see which performs better and you can go with that.