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Groupdocs Dll Dependency with Aspose.words

Hi , I have updated all groupdocs dll’s to latest(upto date). i have used aspose.words 20.4 in my same application. but some conflict arise with this.conversion.png (51.9 KB)
redact.png (106.6 KB)

Could you please share a simple console application with all used DLL references? We also requested an application here. Also mention the target .NET version for the application.
We tried to reproduce this issue but didn’t get any such exception. Is this a document specific issue (or you face it for all kind of file formats)?

I tested with the console application but there is no such issue. In my development web application only has the issue.

Its happening for any type of document.

Any clean up(application) will help?


Please share your complete development environment/application details.

  • Target .NET framework
  • OS details
  • Is your web application MVC based or Web Forms
  • Server details (if application is hosted)

We’d appreciate if you could share a screencast or video that clearly shows the issue. As we couldn’t reproduce this exception in console application as well.


Target .NET Framework - 4.8
OS - Windows 10 Pro
MVC Application
Testing in code base only - not deployed.

I have attached the link for video reference.!Ashw7CN5fQm2kAjP9fM2EflRW5S7?e=hNHtmm

Initially i have installed only groupdocs dll(latest) - functionality works fine

Then i have installed aspose.words 20.4 - it given error in conversion - it requests 20.12 assembly reference for aspose.words.

Then i installed 20.12 aspose.words , it shows error for requesting aspose.words 20.3

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We’re investigating this scenario. Your investigation ticket ID is CONVERSIONNET-4381. You’ll be notified as there’s any update.