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GroupDocs Editor - Java spring sample application


I am trying to assess GroupDocs Editor [java] for my project requirements. Is there any sample application for Java - spring?
I found one for GroupDoc Viewer -

Is there anything similar for GroupDocs Editor?



In the github example for GroupDocs java Editor, there are examples of converting html into doc and vice versa. I am unable to understand how will it be used to edit a microsoft word document in the browser using java application.

Any sample example would be helpful.



Thanks for taking interest in GroupDocs.Editor for Java and posting your concerns.
Please note that GroupDocs.Editor for Java is a UI-Independent API that could be integrated in any Java application without any dependency. Please see installation and configuration details here.
You can see how to convert HTML DOM to Word document here.

Currently we don’t have any showcase project. However, we’ll update you as we release GroupDocs.Editor for Java UI.