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Groupdocs html viewer search not working

Hi ,
i have developed html viewer (latest dll version (20.12)) in .Net, in this if file type is excel / PPT means Search and highlight not working.

Can i get some suggestion for this.

If It is Excel word is not highlighting , if it is PPT the search word is hiding.
PPT_ViewerAfterSearch.png (122.9 KB)
PPT_ViewerBeforeSearch.png (135.0 KB)
XL Viewer_Search.png (85.0 KB)


Could you please attach source files and share the version of @groupdocs.examples.angular/viewer that you’re using or attach the sample application to make it easier to reproduce the issue.


HI. I just worked on sample Application for viewer . It has the following problems

  1. Search Text not working in xlsx and PPT
  2. Rotate also causing some overflow in xlsx and PPT

Can you please give me some solution for this.
i have attached the sample Application for your reference.


Thank you for attaching sample application. We’ll investigate the issues you’ve mentioned and update you.

Thank you for your response. In Same sample application , can you please check the watermark also.

i have attached the code for your reference. Watermark is going out of the page as well as scroll is not properly happening.

Watermark Issue.jpg (353.5 KB)


Please download resources.zip (21.2 KB) and replace two files viewer.js and viewer.css in your project. This files has been updated to fix the issues with search in PPT and Excel files.

Thank you. i will check and update you.

Can i get support for watermark issue(all Doc type) and Rotate(PPT and excel) also in same sample application.


We’re looking into watermark and rotation issues. We’ll notify you when we have any information.

Okay.Thank you


To fix the block overlapping issue when rotating pages try updated version of viewer.js file viewer_js.zip (16.7 KB).

Please note that jQuery Viewer is not supported anymore and we encourage you to switch to Angular Viewer that is currently maintained and provides a better user experience.

Hi. Thank you for your support.

So is there possibility to get watermark issue fix or not.


You’re welcome. We’ll take a look at the issue with watermarks and update you.


We’ve reproduced the issue when watermark is added to a page. It happens because watermark styles have absolute positioning and as a result watermark styles breaks page layout. We’ve logged this issue in our internal system. The issue ID is VIEWERNET-3135. We’ll let you know if there any updates.

Have a nice day!

Okay Thank you


You’re welcome!

@bharathiGK fix for VIEWERNET-3135 will be in the nearest (21.4) release.

Okay . Thanks for the update


GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET v21.4 that includes fix for this issue (VIEWERNET-3135) has been published. You can find the new version at

Have a nice day!

Hi. Thanks for your update.

Watermark Issue resolves after updating dll to latest version. but this watermark causing some problem while i’m doing search text.

i have attached image as well as sample application for your reference.
Issue with watermark and Search.jpg (240.0 KB)

Hi @bharathiGK

Let’s discuss this issue with search text in a new topic.

I will close this topic