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we are currently using Aspose.Total in our application as well as many other libraries that are included in your single jar distribution file (slf4j, thumbnailator, apache-commons etc). Can you prepare a standard jar file with just your classes plus a list of all dependencies instead of embedding everything in a single file?
We cannot use your library in our app because of number of conflicts and because a lot of libraries (like Aspose.Total) are duplicated in our classpath.
I can see there is no other way to use the library besides creating a separate webapp with just viewer functionality. But even then I need to do some integration with our platform which will cause the dependency issues. Is there a change you can distribute a proper JAR file with all the dependencies as separate jar files? Maven would be the best option.

Thank you,


Hello Mariusz,

This issue was handled outside of the forum, thank you for your request.

Please feel free to contact us if you will have more questions.