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GroupDocs on Azure Websites


Azure websites have no file system, is it possible to use group docs viewer without a file system? No document caching, give file to display directly to groupdocs instead of telling it the file location?


Hello Matt,

Thank you for your question. Instead of file path you can use stream as described here but this approach still requires the file system as it is necessary to keep the cache. Since that you can’t use GroupDocs.Viewer with out file system.

The only way to use Viewer in such application is to run the Viewer on another server (as a stand alone web site with only one web page) and integrate it in to your Azure web site. If you interested in such approach we can share with you how to do it. Mean time you can investigate this article (it describes how to do the same integration in to the application based on old .NET Framework ), this article will chow you the idea of such integration.

Thank you.