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GroupDocs/Salesforce Integration - Cannot turn off alerts/emails for users


Is there a way to turn off email alerts for users in GroupDocs using the Salesforce/Apex API? When I create the GD_UserInfo object, I set alerts_eanbled to false, but that doesn't seem to work. Could it be because the field is misspelled in the API?


Also, is there a way to specify a users annotation color? The admins of our system are requesting that all annotations show up in red. Thanks!


Thank you for your posting and using GroupDocs.

Yes, you can specify the color of annotations for each collaborator (user), that will try to annotate your document , for this you can use next code:

GD_GroupDocsSecurityHandler securityHandler = new GD_GroupDocsSecurityHandler('private key');
GD_ApiClient api = new GD_ApiClient(securityHandler);
GD_AntApi annotation = new GD_AntApi(api);
GD_ReviewerInfo reviewerInfo = new GD_ReviewerInfo();
reviewerInfo.primary_email ='email of collaborator';
reviewerInfo.color = 16711680;
List list = new List();
GD_SetReviewerRightsResponse response = annotation.SetReviewerRights('user id','document guid',list);

Our "alerts_eanbled" option doesn't work at this moment for Annotation app and we will fix this issue for our next release of Cloud API. Also we have created a ticket in our system . When the feature is released you’ll get an email notification.

If you will have more questions please feel free to contact us.


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