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Many electronic signature platforms have a SaaS model for collecting electronic signatures. What I mean by this is:

1. 1) Our company user would go into a web site and prepare a document that needs to be signed by PersonA. They would also provide criteria for authentication PersonA.

2. 2) PersonA is sent an email that tells them there is a document that they need to sign. A link in that email directs them to electronic signature vendor web site.

3. 3) On vendor electronic signature web site PersonA is asked a couple questions to authenticate them. Then they are shown document for electronic signature.

4. 4) After PersonA completes the signature process the vendor web site sends document back to our company.

Does this functionality exist out of the box with GroupDocs?

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Sorry for the delay and thank you for your interest in GroupDocs. Yes, GroupDocs.Signature supports these. The only thing that you should create by your own is email notifications and authentication functional in case of using the stand alone library (soon we will release a next generation Signature library and since that I can advice you to wait for it).

In case if you will use our CLoud service and .NET SDK for all these functions exists out of the box, for more info please investigate this documentation.

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The signature page can be embedded in another page that controls the authentication.

They have a signature form which can authenticate by getting a signers picture.

What type of authentication are you using?

The first step is deciding whether to use forms or envelopes. Then you can make what you want happen.