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Groupdocs.Total Security Updates

Our company is looking into purchasing Groupdocs.Total OEM (.Net Library) with 1 year of subscription.

Just wanted to ask some questions below, hope someone can assist me with my inquiry

  1. If any security vulnerability has been found on the version that we are using, will we be able to update our product version? What if our subscription has expired?

  2. Will we receive any notification if a security vulnerability has been found on a specific version and that we’ll need to update to a more secured version?

  3. In general, does groupdocs still continue to update past subscribers regarding any security updates and hot fixes even after the subscription has expired?


First thing first, we keep checking the APIs for vulnerabilities time to time and remove if anything is found. However, in case there’s any issue, we log that in our internal issue tracking system, work on the fix and notify customers.
You will only be able to use updated version of the API if it is released before the expiry of your subscription/license.

Yes, if there’s any issue. We’ll log it, fix it and notify you.

No, if your subscription is expired and there is a new release. You won’t be able to utilize the new release.

Thanks for the reply @Atir_Tahir

I understand that we won’t be able to use the new released version after our subscription has expired.
However do we still get email notification regarding important updates? This way we’ll know that we have to renew our subscription.

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You can follow our blogs or keep an eye on the release notes (e.g. GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET).