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GroupDocs under Linux environment crashes with a PDF file

We use groupdocs to go from PDF to images using viewer. Most files work fine but the attached file causes the entire application to crash. Would like to know why one file can cause my entire application to crash even if the code is wrapped in a try catch block. This only occurs in a linux environment or container. In windows it works fine. I have the latest libgdiplus installed in the environment and most files work fine.

I also get this error: ** (process:2451): WARNING **: 16:11:01.884: Path conversion requested 1415500 bytes (4000 x 2831). Maximum size is 262144 bytes.

Don’t see a way to attach a file so here is a link to it. Click


We’ve reproduced this issue on our side. It seems that the application is terminating and there is no way to catch the exception.
This issue is related to libgdiplus that is used by System.Drawing.Common on Linux. In the future releases we’re planning to switch from System.Drawing.Common as it recommended in System.Drawing.Common only supported on Windows. We’ll update you hare as soon as we have any new information.

Do you have any idea on a time frame? This is a crippling problem since it brings down the entire application.

Also, do you know if this problem only affects PDF documents or does it affect other filetypes as well. Asking so I can come up with a work around.


At the moment we’re considering the most suitable replacement for System.Drawing.Common on Linux. We are planning to include the fix in the upcoming or the next release. Unfortunately, there is no exact date for the next release.

This problem mainly affects PDF documents. When rendering MS Word documents we already use SkiaSharp.