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GroupDocs Viewer Complete guide

Hello,I just need a viewer for my project ,I have tried your product to Evalute ,I Couldnt find complete guide to explore on it.please provide some reference to start evaluating this viewer.


We shall do our best to help you out. First, please share with us the platform (.NET or Java) for which you want to use the API.



Thanks for providing the required information. First of all, let me describe the working of the API in simple words.

GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET is a back-end API that allows you to render the document pages in the form that can easily be integrated/displayed in your front end application. The API provides two ways to render the document:

  • HTML based rendering: In HTML based rendering, the API generates the HTML representation of each page of the source document. You can easily manipulate the HTML content of each page and save it as an HTML file. For details, visit this documentation article.
  • Image-based rendering: In image-based rendering, the API converts each page of the document into an image (PNG, JPEG or BMP). You can easily save the image and display it in your application to view the content of the document. For details, visit this documentation article.

The following resources would also be helpful for you to get started with GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET:

  • Examples - A console application that demonstrates the usage of every feature of the API.
  • Documentation - Documentation of every feature along with code samples.
  • API References - A complete API Reference guide.

Furthermore, the API doesn’t contain any built-in UI control to display the rendered pages, therefore, you will have to create your own front end UI. In case you don’t want to build your viewer control from scratch, you may try our open source document viewer application that is built using ASP.NET Web Forms. You can download or clone the application from GitHub repository.

Thank you for your response!


You’re welcome.