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Groupdocs viewer component to display ms office files

We want to use groupdocs viewer component to display ms office files so that no one can save as that file also want to disable print and select option. Is it possible with groupdocs viewer component?

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Thanks for taking interest in GroupDocs.Viewer.

Please note that GroupDocs.Viewer is a back-end API that provides the feature of rendering document pages as HTML pages or images and it doesn’t contain any UI component. You will have to create your own front end application to display the rendered HTML pages or images. Furthermore, the API doesn’t provide any built-in features to restrict the users from printing or saving the content. However, you can implement the restrictions for printing or saving in the front end application.

Would you please tell us in which platform (.NET or Java) do you want to use the API?

Thanks for your quick reply.

We want to use java API


Thanks for your response.

We recommend you to please visit the documentation of GroupDocs.Viewer for Java to learn about its working and features. You can evaluate all the features of the API using this example project. Furthermore, you can download our open source document viewer application and modify it as per your requirements.

So far my understanding about groupdocs viewer component is that

  • You can convert office files to html or images and also add water marks to document as well
  • You can render your office files in browser for that it convert that file to html or image

is my understanding correct?


Yes, you understood it correctly. For more details on the features of the API, please visit this article.

Two more questions

can i render word documents using groupdocs viewer component? if yes? then how?

Can i disable save as option from word documents using groupdocs viewer component or any other component of groupdocs/Aspose ?


Thanks for your response.

Yes, you can render Word documents using GroupDocs.Viewer. The way of rendering is similar for all the supported file formats. Following articles will help you on how to render a document using GroupDocs.Viewer.

In case you want to restrict the user to save the rendered content of the Word document when it is displayed to the user, then you can implement it at the front end level of the application as all the APIs at GroupDocs, including GroupDocs.Viewer, provide only back-end features to manipulate the documents. In case you want to apply protection directly on the Word document, you can use Protecting Document feature of Aspose.Words.