Groupdocs.viewer content selection is not working properly



While selecting content and going downward it is selecting the upward content.Suppose we have two lines such as example below. While selecting from word ‘Note’ and going downward ,the upper line is also selected.
Please provide a solution for this.

For Example:

Welcome to our new support system. All of your forum posts have been migrated to our new GroupDocs Forum so please start using it.

Note: We have launched site dedicated only to our Cloud APIs. Please visit that and post any Cloud APIs related inquiry at from now on. Thanks.



Thanks for using GroupDocs.Viewer and sharing your concerns with us. Would you please share with us the platform (.NET, Java or Cloud) and version of GroupDocs.Viewer you are using at your end? We shall be looking forward to your response.



We are working on .Net platform and Groupdocs.viewer is 17.8



Thanks for providing the required details. We are able to experience the same behavior while selecting text in rendered HTML. However, we can’t say if it is the API level issue until further investigations. We have logged it in our issue tracking system (with ID: VIEWERNET-1468) and in case of any useful information related to this issue, we’ll keep you informed.