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GroupDocs.Viewer does not support password protected files

We discovered that the GroupDocs.Viewer component does not support viewing of password protected PDF files. The component displays a ASP.NET error that is not very user friendly.

It would be nice if the component could either prompt user for a password or if the API could have a parameter for the password when displaying the file.

If this is a lot of work, it would be good for the interim if the component could at least provide a better error page or provide a API which determines if the file is password protected and viewable.


Hello Marc,

Thank you for your request. Unfortunately our Viewer doesn’t support password protected files. But also we have a good news - our Product team works on brand new Viewer which will support such files.

As for the errors - you can use this option for error handling.

Best regards.


When will the new viewer be released?


Hi again,

Sorry but according on our support polices I can’t share any date. But when it will be ready we will notify you.

Best regards.