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GroupDocs.Viewer does not work on zip file and its contents


Would there be a chance for GroupDocs.Viewer to be able to preview files in a zip? Currently our project is using BAInsight and it can preview the contents (see attached file). But we are planning to change the previewer because we are planning to move out of using Sharepoint 2007 as file storage to Amazon S3. BAInsight does not support Amazon.

Follow up on my question.


Thank you for the question. Our Product team work on the brand new Viewer which will be able to open the zip and user will see what files are inside of it. But view files from the zip with out un-zipping will not be possible.

Unfortunately I can’t share any ETA for this.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

It’s not possible because the files are on S3 while BAInsight can still preview the contents of the zipped file because it is in a Sharepoint document library?

But I am still hoping that you can find a way on how to preview files inside a zip file.


Sorry but we don’t know how the “BAInsight” works with SharePoint because of that I can’t say why it can view zipped files and depend it from that that they stored in the SharePoint document library or not.

As for the GroupDocs.Viewer - it can work with S3 and will be able to list files from the zip in the future, our Product team will also investigate possibility of previewing zipped files, if I will have any news for you I will notify you here.

Best regards.