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Groupdocs-viewer-dotnet Retrieving only the first page of a pdf document


This product allows you to make direct http requests to handler it exposes which is great.

With the help of these handlers you can get a thumbnail of a file.

The way that it currently works (in the .Net version, I don’t know about other platforms)
is that you send a request to the http handler (hosted on the same iis as the viewer’s website)
and you get back a list urls to a different handler (with different files identifiers) that returns the stream to the thumbnail.
With large pdf files (hundreds pages) the process freezes and the request times out.

Will there be a way to request only the thumbnail of the first page of pdf files in one of your future releases?


Dudu Mizrahi,
Front end (and more…) developer.


Hello Dudu,

Thank you for your request. Unfortunately we doesn’t have such feature in our plans for future implementation. But if you want you can disable the thumbnails at all with such simple code:


Best regards.