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GroupDocs.Viewer.Exceptions.GroupDocsViewerException: Could not load file. File is corrupted or damaged


I have 245 files that i want to convert from .json to .csv. only converted 100 files successfully and then i have taken error like “GroupDocs.Viewer.Exceptions.GroupDocsViewerException: Could not load file. File is corrupted or damaged.” on c#

How can i convert all 245 files in my folder at one time? after 100, i have taken above error. Please help me.


Are you facing this issue with our back-end API or the free web application?

@Atir_Tahir i face this issue with backend api on Console application.

Dear @Atir_Tahir ,

I need quick help. Could you help me?
thank you in advance.


Please share the code or sample app that you’re running.

code.docx (12.1 KB)

@vladimir.litvinchik you can find the code in attach file.


Thank you for providing the code that you’re running. As I can see you’re using GroupDocs.Conversion. This topic has been moved under GroupDocs.Converstion Producgt Family category. My colleague @Atir_Tahir will assist you.

@Atir_Tahir Could you assist me about fix this issue? I have 6000 json document that i need to convert.

thank you


Could you please share all 245 JSON files (you can compress and upload them to a cloud storage in case of file uploading issue on forum)? Also please share your development environment details (e.g. OS name and version).

Dear @Atir_Tahir,

I am sorry, json documents are include important informations about our company that’s why i cant send you. But you can find a json document then copy it 145 times with giving different name. Operation system windows 10.
I inform you about code. All my json documents are in JSON folder under C:
converted files are also created in CSV folder under C:

Thank you for your help


We can reproduce this issue (when first 100 files are converted) if we don’t apply the license. Please request a temporary license and follow the purchase wizard to avail it. Once you apply the license, issue will be resolved.

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