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Groupdocs viewer loading time



I have developed the mvc4 web application for groupdocs viewer. I have an issue. When uploading large files(more than 3MB) it takes a lot of time for the viewer to load. Is there any way to reduce tis waiting time?



Hello Srinath,

Here is a list of recommendations for GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET how to reach max performance:

1. Try to use HTML-based rendering mode (“UseHtmlBasedEngine(true)” method) if it is suitable for you and there are no document distortions.

2. Use “PreloadPagesCount(1)” method. When using this method GroupDocs.Viewer will begin to load document to the client-side when first page of the document will be converted. When this method is not used, GroupDocs.Viewer converts all pages of a document and only then sends it to the client-side.

3. Use “MinimumImageWidth(value)” method. MinimumImageWidth: if set, the Viewer will load page images with the specified width from the server when starting. It will not load page images from the server again after zooming if the current page image size is smaller than the value specified and if the original (not scaled) page image size is smaller than the value specified. It means that in most cases the GroupDocs.Viewer will load page images only once and will not reload them after zooming in/out.

4. If this is possible for your business-logic, disable thumbnails (“ShowThumbnails(false)”).

5. If this is possible for your business-logic, disable ability to select text by using “SupportTextSelection(false)” method.

6. Use “ShowViewerStyleControl(false)” method - it will disable “double page flip” option and will increase performance.

If you will have more questions please feel free to contact us.



Can you please shed some light on the ‘convertWordDocumentsCompletely’ parameter and its purpose/intended usage? I tried doing a search for keyword ‘convertWordDocumentsCompletely’ on these forums and also on your Support => Docs section of the website, but wasn’t able to retrieve any search results.

If I’m using PreLoadPageCount value of 1 to try and improve the rendering performance, under what conditions would I/should I override the default value of ‘convertWordDocumentsCompletely’ (which is ‘true’ if I’m not mistaken) and why are word documents being treated differently from others?



Hello Greg,

Thank you for your interest in GroupDocs.

GroupDocs.Viewer now by default converts all the pages of Word documents to HTML even if PreloadPagesCount(x) is set because opening of big Word documents takes much time. For example, a document of 650 pages is converted completely in 36 seconds. But when convert one page, it takes 18 seconds. Then page 2 takes 18 seconds again, page 3 takes 18 seconds again, and so on. So GroupDocs.Viewer becomes unusable. That’s why second parameter for the PreloadPagesCount(int count, bool convertWordDocumentsCompletely = true) method was added. It can be set to “false” if one needs to use PreloadPagesCount for Word documents.