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GroupDocs Viewer minimum system requirements

I am thinking about using GroupDocs Viewer in my products. Can you
tell me what are minimum/recommended server system requirements and for
what kind of usage are they estimated? I saw your performance profiles in and I couldn’t help but notice relatively high system specs for your tests. Do you have any laodtest test cases you can share with me? I not, can you give a simple estimation of hardware requirements for, for example, opening and viewing (at once) 40 files like those:

What kind of hardware I would have to efficiently serve 40 users with files like above?

Best regards,
Maciej Sobolewski
Software Developer in STX Next


Thanks for taking interest in GroupDocs.Viewer.

The only requirement that we have is .NET 2.0 (or greater) or Mono installed and it depends on the user’s requirements how fast he would like to open and view documents. A server with high specs will result in a more improved performance of the application however, it all depends on how the application will be used. You can test our open source document viewer applications at your end with a temporary license and
make any tests to find out which hardware will be best suitable for you. Following are our latest open source document viewer applications.

In case you would have any other queries or questions, please do let us know.

Warm Regards