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Groupdocs viewer not displaying page after rendering in the viewer


Dear Team,

We use groupdocs viewer to protect document published on our intranet. When we click the document on the intranet, it suppose to render the page in the viewer, however the case is when it renders the page, it shows blank.

I am not also able to attach screenshot of the error message as it was throws up administrative right error message.

Please assist


Hello ,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Could you please share with us more information about your application. We need to know next:

- version of the Viewer library ,
- your Viewer widget code,
- type of project,
- also will be useful if you check browser console, when you try to open your document and if you will find any errors then please share these errors with us.

We will wait your details and will be glad to help you.


Best regards,
Evgen Efimov
Your Document Collaboration APIs
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