GroupDocs.Viewer.UI with GroupDocs.Viewer.Crossplatform


We’re in the midst of a project to update to .NET 8, and love your work on the GroupDocs.Viewer.CrossPlatform package. I am however struggling to see how this can be utilised in conjunction with GroupDocs.Viewer.UI (GroupDocs.Viewer.UI.SelfHost.Api 6.0.25 still depends on GroupDocs.Viewer).

Am I missing something or is this not yet supported?


Thank you for your feedback. At the moment there are no cross-platform package. While we preparing it you can try running GroupDocs.Viewer.UI.SelfHost.Api with GroupDocs.Viewer.CrossPlatform package from the source code using this sample app. The only change that you have to do is replacing GroupDocs.Viewer with GroupDocs.Viewer.CrossPlatform on this line.

We’ll let you know when the package become available.


We have published GroupDocs.Viewer.UI.SelfHost.Api.CrossPlatform NuGet package. In you application you have to remove reference to GroupDocs.Viewer.UI.SelfHost.Api package and add this one

<PackageReference Include="GroupDocs.Viewer.UI.SelfHost.Api.CrossPlatform" Version="6.0.1" />

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Wow that was very quick, thank you!


You’re welcome!