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GroupDocs.viewer under SharePoint 2010? Any chance



Our customer would like to integrate GroupDocs.Viewer into SharePoint 2010 and use it for documents from document library using custom webpart.

According requirements, GroupDocs.Viewer works only on .NET framework 4.0 and greater.
SharePoint 2010 support .NET 3.5 only and it cannot be run under 4.0 (SP2013, of course yes, but not the SP2010).
The question is: do we have any change that GroupDocs have some specialy compiled virsion under .NET 3.5, might be even prev, or might be some prev version that support .NET 3.5 ?

Thanks in advance,
br, Ilya


Hello Ilya,

Thank you for your interest in GroupDocs. Theoretically it’s possible but will require a lot of changes in the library, since that could you please share with us which version of the license you interested in to see if maybe we can do a native version.

As a workaround you can do next - just create a separate application with v4.0 and integrate via a web service to work-around this issue, then pass a file reference to the web-service to display files as normal. We can prepare an example of such integration if you need it (this integration will show basics and will be based on regular MVC or WebForm project).


Hello Pavel,

Thank you for your help. We have a plan to buy GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET OEM developer license. For us most imortant features are support a lot of document formats and disallow printinf and copy-past through clipboard. So, if you have old version, but that can do it, it will be good for now.
BTW, could you please comment blog post below, which version of GroupDocs.Viewer librart was use there

br, Ilya


Hello Ilya,

Thank you for coming back. The blog post is exactly what you need to build workaround that we described in the previous post. In the guide used very old version of the library since it was created a long time ago but you can use latest version of the library. The steps described in it doesn’t changed for the latest version of the library.