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Groupdocs.Web.UI could not be found at GroupDocs.Viewer v3.0



I try GroupDocsViewerWebformsDemo project and upgrade GroupDocs.Viewer.dll from v2.7 to v3.0.0 (nuget).
The demo project will cause ‘Groupdocs’ could not be found error.
May I need to download other Groupdocs.Web.UI.dll for V3.0.0?

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Hi There,

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Actually the GroupDocs.Viewer.3.x would not be compatible with older versions demo projects.

The next generation GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET 3.0.0 which is completely different from the older versions. Please visit this article to see the notable changes:

Please find below some resources to quickly get started:

GroupDocs.Viewer Downloads:
GroupDocs.Viewer Docs:
GroupDocs.Viewer Examples/Demo Projects:
GroupDocs.Viewer Videos:

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Hi Muhammadumar,
Thank you.

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You are always welcome :slight_smile: