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$(...).groupdocsViewer is not a function



I’ve followed every step to test this assembly in a C# .NET website (basic website, created by Visual Studio 2015).

I followed the guide at:

Except the additions in global.asax, because:
1. We do not have a license yet (that’s why I’m testing)
2. We will be using custom file paths and not 1 filepath with all the files in there

However, when I compile and run the website, I get the error:
$(…).groupdocsViewer is not a function

This is all visible in the CONSOLE debugger of Chrome.

What am I doing wrong and where should I look for a solution?

Thank you in advance!



Thank you for the request. Since you doesn’t set RootStoragePath and not initialized the Viewer (the part of the guide which you have missed ) you get such error.

In case that you don’t have the license you can skip it setting or you can get trial license here

As for the root storage path - you can use “instanceId” for the Viewer initialization as described here

Best regards.


When I click the ‘Request Temp License’ Button… I log in and then nothing happens.

Tried from 2 different browsers, from 2 different systems… it never works.

Please help?

Also, which part about the viewer did I miss? I only skipped the global.asax part, the rest I did…


Errors are gone now (forgot to comment out the jquery function), so no more errors!

But… it’s not working still…

The only thing that isn’t installed yet is the license. Is that making the page not show my file?



You have missed Viewer.SetRootStoragePath(). For how to set several paths please use guide that I have shared earlier.

As for the license - please contact our sales and they will help you.

Best regards.


For now, it seems to work, thanks!

For the temp license:
- First I’m using quick support Live Chat
- They send me to the forum
- Forum sends me to mail

Not really customer friendly…



We are sorry for that. You were send to the forum because you had a technical problem - sorry but we can’r resolve them via live chat.

As for the license - only our sales can help you if you get any issues with it. We are technical support and license questions are out of our competence. As I can see from your live chat transcript you doesn’t mentioned anything about the license - since that you was not notified about it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.