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We are using GroupsDocs mainly for displaying PDFs. Our client has asked us if the viewer can mimic Adobe Reader plug in keyboard shortcuts. Ctrl +/- to Zoom when the viewer has focus. Page Up/Down and Arrow Up/Down to scroll up/down.

Page Up/Down and Arrow Up/Down works once the viewer has focus (by clicking on the scrollbar). However, is there another to have the viewer DIV has focus? In IE8, it seems to work (there is a delay sometimes) by clicking on the viewer area, however, doesn't work in IE9, 10, and 11.

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Thank you for you request. Since this functional is user side functional you should use JavaScript and create a custom functions which will be triggered on keyboard button click. Please check this tread for how to create a such function. When you will get keyboard click event you can trigger a functional from the GroupDocs widget which will scroll down the document,zoom in, zoom out etc. Please check this documentation for GroupDocs JavaScript widget methods and events.

Conclusion: you just need to create a JavaScript function which will be triggered by keyboard and run one of the GroupDocs JavaScript widget methods.


The issues you have found earlier (filed as WEB-1164) have been fixed in this update.

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Thank you for your answer. Can you also answer the question: if a user can click in the GroupDocs viewer to make GroupDocs Viewer has focus? It is working inconsistently in Internet Explorer.

The only time it is consistent is when user clicks on the scrollbar.

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By looking at javascript methods, I don't see a method to get current Zoom value. I am thinking a user can use buttons to Zoom In/Out, can use Ctrl +/-, I would need to get the current value to calculate the new zoom for Ctrl +/-.

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Thank you for the explanation. Our core developers will check and fix the issue with focus.

As for Zoom in/out and other functional which can be made by JavaScript - please check attached file, in the attached file you will find all dashboard buttons made via JavaScript.


The new DLL 2.6 fixed the issue. Thank you.


Following up on the keyboard shortcuts, our client wanted an additional feature to support rotation using keyboard shortcuts.

They want to be able to use CTRL+SHIFT+Left Arrow/Right Arrow for Rotation.

I did not see the javascript functions in the current release for this feature. Please let us know if this can be rolled in the next release and if so how long it will take.




Thank you for your request. This feature will be added in the next release of GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET , you will be notified via email, when it will be released.

For now you can download our beta version of the library here and try to check if it works well for you.

To use added feature, you should add such JavaScript code in the Viewer widget:

$("#rotate90Clockwise").click(function () {
containerElement.groupdocsViewer(“rotateCurrentPage”, 90);

$("#rotate90CounterClockwise").click(function () {
containerElement.groupdocsViewer(“rotateCurrentPage”, -90);

$("#setLoading").click(function () {
containerElement.groupdocsViewer(“setLoadingState”, true);

$("#clearLoading").click(function () {
containerElement.groupdocsViewer(“setLoadingState”, false);

If you will have more questions please feel free to contact us.

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Thanks. The link for beta version does not work. The dll might have been moved?



Sorry for the inconvenience and please try to download GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET from here .

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Evgen Efimov
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