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Header/Footer and Missing letter 't'

We’re seeing an issue where one word is missing the letter “t” at the following URL:
Issues-LetterT.pdf (152.2 KB)

I’ve upgraded our GroupDocs development site to 18.1.0 and we’re seeing the same issue as well as rendering issues with the header/footer of the document - see “Missing t - Modren Version.png”

Missing t - Modren Version.png (55.1 KB)

Thanks in advance,


Thanks for using GroupDocs.Viewer and sharing your issue with us. We are able to reproduce the issue of missing character ‘t’ at our end. The issue has been logged in our Issue Tracking System (with ID: VIEWERNET-1506) for further investigation.

However, we could not reproduce the issue of header/footer (see output). The header is also fine in the application that you have shared with us. Furthermore, the screenshot you have shared with us shows that you are using one of our open source document viewer applications. If yes, would you please mention its name? We shall be looking forward to your response.

Our production version is using the open source solution from (the link):

We were told that the “old” (above) showcase was no longer supported after opening a ticket for a different issue so we switched our development/test sites to use the open source solution from (the screenshot):

Was this the right thing to do - or - is there a different showcase that we should be working with?



Thanks for providing the details. In fact, our Modern UI applications have been moved to separate repositories. Now, you will be able to grab the latest source code of our Modern UI applications from the below mentioned links.

In case you would have any issue or confusion, please feel free to let us know.

I’m still seeing this issue in the and using the latest version of GroupDocs (18.1.0)

Issues-LetterT.pdf (152.2 KB)
Missing T - 18.1.0.png (74.3 KB)


Thanks for coming back to us. The issue of missing character “t” has been already reproduced and logged in our Issue Tracking System. See the following reply.

We will keep you informed in case of any updates regarding this issue.

Usman - just wanted to give you a little more information - apparently it seems to be related to words with a “t” after an “f”… We’ve seen issues with the word “after” before as well (I’m sure there are others, that was one that was specifically mentioned to me).


Thanks for providing some additional information.

In that case, would you please also provide us the problematic document for reference?

My testing has confirmed that a “t” following an “f” is not always the issue - however, here is one other example:


Thanks for sharing the problematic document. We will keep you informed in case of any updates.

Here is another example of a missing “t” I just came across. The words beside it are also overlapped:

03152018 - Missing T & Overlapping Text.png (54.3 KB)


Thanks for sharing another problematic document. The issue is under investigation and as soon as we have any updates, we’ll share that with you.


The issue you have faced earlier, filed as VIEWERNET-1506, has been fixed in this release.