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Help me in finding the best GroupDocs Viewer

Good morning,
Could any one help us in taking the decision.

We are currently using GroupDocs Document Viewer .NET library 2.17 version and we feels that current .NET product is a bit slow in rendering document to the browser. We also implement the caching , but there is no difference in load time. We prefers the HTML based Engine.

By considering these thing we planing to take the "GroupDocs.Viewer for Cloud API" . I contacted Support Team member

They said, "The Cloud API is not going to be faster, ... Then you should discuss your situation with our technical support team, they will be happy to help you find a solution"

So, Which one would you suggest the .NET libraries or GroupDocs.Viewer for Cloud API?

Thank you,
Ravi Teja


Hi Ravi,

Thanks for posting your inquiry.

We are currently working to enhance performance of the API. You will be happy to hear that in the next version of the API, which is going to be released in last week of this month, most of the performance related issues will be addressed. Moreover, next version would be faster than current and previous versions.
Therefore, we suggest you to wait and try GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET 3.3.0 for a better experience.

Warm Regards