Horizontal scrolling for xlsx files at small screens

Sometimes we have wide xlsx files, and those files are required to be displayed on laptop devices. When the browser’s screen is larger than 1036 px we can use scroll normally.
But we also want to be able to use horizontal scrolling for xlsx files when the user’s screen is narrower than 1036 px.

Is there a way we can make this happen via the latest version or should we request a feature and wait for its development?


We are using latest nuget and angular samples for it.
Sample file : normal xlsx file that does not fit in screen horizontally.


Sure, we’ll take a look and update you. The issue ID for reference is VIEWERNET-4859.


While investigating this issue I have found that scroll seems to work well on mobile screens with the latest version of GroupDocs.Viewer.UI -
horizontal-scroll.png (95.6 KB). May you please double check this issue at your end with the latest version of the package and share screenshot with example file?

Yes it works on mobile devices and responsive mode. But our situation si different.
You can just open inspect menu on browser at normal mode , try narrowing screen slowly . You will probably observe something like this image.
image.png (19.9 KB)

This is problem for us because sometimes we need to split browser into 3 pieces, and we are expecting viewer to work normally. Other functions work but, horizontal scrolling disappears as you can see in the image.

Our angular package version :“@groupdocs.examples.angular/viewer”: “^0.8.106”,
.net nuget version 24.5



The issue with scroll was fixed. Please update @groupdocs.examples.angular/viewer to version ^0.8.107

"@groupdocs.examples.angular/viewer": "^0.8.107",

Or update GroupDocs.Viewer.UI package to version 6.0.18.

Thank you . This fixed our problem.


You’re welcome! Thank you for the feedback!