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How do I create transparent watermarks? 3.0 version


Hi Sir,
I use GroupDocs.Viewer.Examples.CSharp to add watermark on doc.
Does Watermark object support “Opacity” property?


Hi Ho,

Thank you for your query.

Currently GroupDocs.Viewer have no any option to set the transparency/opacity of the watermark. However, I am going to create a ticket of this new feature in our issue/task tracking system.

Many Thanks.


The issues you have found earlier (filed as VIEWERNET-475) have been fixed in this update.

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Hi Umar,
Thank you.

Best Regards,


You are welcome :)


Place this at the end of the page. This works for rendering files as HTML.

/* I think this is for 2.0 /
opacity: 0.<>;
filter: .<>;
/ This should work for 3.0*/
opacity: 0.<>;
filter: .<>;
Does not seem to work for image renderings though…


Hi R darling,

Thank you for your suggestion.

Infact, css/stylesheet is relevant to the front-end and it applies after rendering. As the matter of fact, the css/styles can only be applied on the HTML. It cannot take any effect inside the image body.
Hence, the rendering is the back-end operation, that’s why no post rendering measures would take effects on image based rendering.

Note: Your raised issue is already under the product team’s process.

Please stay tuned!