How do I update an existing template with associated questionnaire


I want to use this platform to store our Statement of work document. it will have a fairly complex questionnaire associated with it. This template is updated frequently.

My question is;
Once i upload a template and take the time to create a questionnaire, how can i then come back to that later, upload an updated version of the template and use the same questionnaire.

For the most part the variables in the document should remain the same, mostly the static content will change. Occasionally i will need to add new variables which will intern need to be added to the quesionnaire,



Hi there,

Thanks for your request. Our support crew are on leave today but will handle your request as soon as they return tomorrow. Your patience is greatly appreciated.




Thank you for your request. At this time when you change document in your questionnaire the new assembly will be created and you should update URL for embedding in your web page.

The functional you require will be investigated – if it’s possible to add it to our Assembly App and in case that our paid users will require such functional we will add it to our roadmap.

If you will have more questions please feel free to contact us.