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How does GroupDocs.Viewer handle embedded font parsing?


I have read that GroupDocs for .NET is implemented in pure managed code. Does that mean, it is not using any system APIs for rendering embedded fonts or other embedded objects?

Think about a document which contains an embedded font which is specifically crafted for exploiting the OS. What happens if we try to render this document in GroupDocs.Viewer?



Thanks for taking interest in GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET. We have noted your concerns and as soon as we have the your requested information, we’ll share that with you.


Thanks for your patience.

We are using mixed approach for processing documents with embedded fonts and the System’s APIs are used only to search files in the folders specified. In most of the cases, the internal engines of the API are used to parse the fonts. Whereas, managed GDI+ is also used for some document formats.

In the case of using GDI+, the possibility is there that the crafted font could be passed to GDI+. Therefore, it is recommended to install the latest updates to be protected from possible attacks.