How does your image extractor for html files tool work?

I want to ask you the details of how does your image extractor tool for html files work.

I am just trying to ask and find out what or how does it work for extracting image content from within html files please.

This is my last question before I go.

I have a few major questions about your html file image or content extractor tool that you have made in the free demo section for groupdocs parser.

So can the extractor tool will extract billions or trillion or thousand images Media videos audio files from within my html files because I am trying to make a offline html web archive search database based from the extracted content from within the html file for viewing offline without connecting to the internet which i had got this interesting topic from my head since for a long time since now that I want to make my project for free and affordable for myself and my previous experience with this project was a bit more like from a web archive or archived web content search content a start from scratch project that I had started for a very long time when I was brainstorming this project to myself and handle with care from my idea that I was looking forward to this project please.


Please review the feature overview and supported document formats for GroupDocs.Parser, which facilitates the extraction of both text and images. Video and audio extraction is not supported.

So instead that it can only extract images and text from within the html files after when the extracted content phase is completed would the final result will be updated and saved in a zipfile format so that once after when I had extracted all of the image content from all of my html files that I have would i be able to make my final brainstorming work to interact offline with my idea that I had got out from my head.


No the extracted content will not be saved in ZIP. Take a look at this Extract text from documents article.

So what happens after when the images are extracted from within my html files.

Please let me know if you have any answers.

And for my question of being safe if you’re extracting images from within html files.
Is extracting images from an html file is safe and secured when you are using this tool for extracting images from html files.

I just needed to find out if your html file image extractor is safe from within your free demo platform for groupdocs praser family.


You can extract and save image. Please take a look at this documentation article - Extract images to files.
Yes, image extraction is safe.
Please share following details and we’ll further assist you accordingly:

  • Are you interested in developing your own extractor using Parser API or you are interested in our free web app?
  • Sample/source file
  • If you are going to implement/develop your own extractor, what platform would you prefer (.NET or Java)?

so I have or what I had used the image extractor for extracting image content from within my offline html files that I had Import from Google drive app.

And I have another question to make just before I do a last check before I go so far as to say to your image extractor free demo tool api that you have can I now interact with my extracted image content databases that I was trying to work on for myself since now I had just extracted all of the image content from within my offline html files because I just want to find out if there is any more answers to your image extractor tool for html files because you had did a great job helping me guide me through the process of extracting image content from within my html files that I have on Google drive because I might want to rate your image extractor tool free demo api my guessing five stars and how it does a better quality work for my internet research of making a brainstorming extracted image content search databases free to myself and for my same thing I always wanted to do the same thing but on my chromebook and my windows 11 laptop that I have sitting on my shelf that is behind me so please don’t let my databases go out of my hands for myself using them but I will always be able to get it offline and portable through my computers and my android Samsung galaxy tablet for future free use to myself for the future and beyond my internet brainstorming project that I want to make for just the only way to search and navigate and find past content from the past and kept archived.


We already shared details in this reply.